Real Estate Investment Trust

Real Estate Investment Trust


Welcome to GCB Real Estate Investment Trust (GCB REIT), a one-stop solution for affordable residential properties and real estate investment. GCB REIT is an open-ended strategic investment vehicle designed and managed by GCB Capital to provide value and security for tenants and investors.

Established in partnership with the National Homeownership Fund, GCB REIT is focused on promoting large-scale home ownership. We understand the challenges of finding comfortable and affordable homes in Ghana, so we are committed to providing you with the best real estate investment opportunities. Everyone deserves a comfortable and safe home, and we are dedicated to helping you find one that fits your budget and lifestyle. Our scope covers availing real estate under three distinct models: rental, outright purchase and rent-to-own scheme.

Under rental, tenants who pay rent and service charge monthly in advance. The outright sale arrangement requires that interested clients to pay the total cost of the property within a space of 0-3 months. The rent-to-own scheme allows the prospective homeowner to move into a home after making an initial down payment and subsequent monthly payments towards rent and equity over a 15 – 20-year period. 

GCB REIT focuses on providing varied property types located in safe and suitable neighbourhoods that offer easy access to essential amenities such as schools, hospitals, shopping centres, and reliable road networks.

As an investment vehicle, GCB REIT is an attractive alternative asset class. It is managed by experienced professionals at GCB Capital to ensure competitive annual returns.