Our Services

Our Service Offering

GCL is a full-service investment banking firm. Our key areas of focus include

Advisory & Capital Market Solutions

We utilize our in-depth market knowledge and close working relationships with government, private, and public entities and investors to manage the structuring, syndication, marketing, and distribution of debt and equity funding. Our offerings include corporate and sovereign bond issuances, initial public offerings, private placements, commercial papers, and equity-related transactions. 

Private Placements: In private placement, we leverage our network and market credibility to assist clients in selling securities to pre-selected investors/institutions. Additionally, we provide support with the deal launch, negotiations, information gathering, risk analysis, pricing, and successful transaction closing. 

Corporate Restructuring: We advise on strategic steps to drive growth and provide opportunities to help our corporate clients solve critical strategic issues, such as capital allocation, recapitalization, and balance sheet optimization. 

Mergers and Acquisitions: We support corporates in their strategic decision-making process with regard to mergers and/or acquisitions, helping them to achieve goals, maximize value, and mitigate risks. We also assist clients with privatizations, corporate sales, divestitures, and takeover strategies. 

Project Viability Assessment: We assess the financial viability of projects by evaluating project strategy, conducting an assessment of resources, identifying potential risk to achieving project success and assessing the project cost and competitiveness, amongst others.

Syndicated Loans: As arrangers for syndicated loans, we lead clients to raise the funds required and negotiate loan terms. We also perform relevant due diligence, ensure contractual obligations, and offer our clients access to a wide range of tailored financing options to ensure the successful closing of transactions. 

Fund Management

GCL holds a Fund Management license from the Securities and Exchange Commission and provides a full range of tailor-made solutions to help clients achieve their financial goals. Our fund management service helps clients grow wealth and achieve their personal and collective financial objectives. 

As fund managers, we are ever conscious of the importance of understanding our clients’ specific investment objectives and needs. Thus, we propose, implement, and execute investment strategies that will lead to wealth-creation and preservation.

Our diverse solutions include Provident fund management, Welfare fund management, Private fund management, End of Service Benefit, Trust fund management, Endowment fund management, and Private Wealth fund management. We believe in a disciplined investment process focused on risk management and diversification. We utilize active and passive investment management strategies, among others to ensure our clients’ portfolios are well-positioned to achieve their bespoke investment objectives. Our performance is closely monitored and tracked, and we are committed to providing our clients with the highest levels of service and support. 

Private Wealth Management Service: We offer specialized services for high-net worth individuals, providing customized wealth management services to address the unique needs of our affluent clients. We work with our clients to create personalized plans that hinge on their individual financial objectives, risk tolerance, and liquidity needs.

Provident Fund/End of Service Benefit: Our Provident Fund service/End of Service Benefit management enables companies to contribute towards their employees’ retirement. We understand that the efficient management of a provident fund/end of service benefit plan depends primarily on the quality of investment decisions, risk mitigation, and efficient administration of the fund/plan. We provide regular statements and reports to our clients, including quarterly employee statements, quarterly reports to the Board of Trustees, online portals for daily reporting, and USSD platforms for client interface. 

SecureGrowth Employee Investment Package: GCL Fund Management also provides private fund schemes specific to corporates. This solution is designed to help employees make monthly contributions of an agreed minimum amount to enable them accumulate wealth in the long-term while taking care of their short- to medium-term liquidity needs. 

Welfare Fund/Savings scheme: This is a fund set up by an employer or union to provide tailored benefits to workers. For some companies, this fund is to support employees during a period of unemployment, disablement, or sickness. Regardless of what the purpose of the fund is, we employ exceptional investment strategies that align with the fund’s goals and objectives.

Trust Account: GCL provides professional management of trust funds’ assets, ensuring that they are invested in a manner that aligns with a trust’s objectives and goals. We handle the administrative tasks associated with the trust fund, such as record-keeping, and compliance with legal and regulatory requirements. The trust fund management service is designed to provide peace of mind to the trust’s benefactors and beneficiaries, knowing that their assets are being managed by experienced professionals who are committed to achieving the trust’s objectives.

Endowment Fund: These are established to fund specific causes or organizations through donations.  GCB Capital works hard to create an investment strategy that aligns with the fund’s goals and objectives. This includes selecting appropriate investment vehicles, monitoring the performance of the portfolio, and making adjustments when needed. We also provide regular reporting to the fund’s stakeholders, including donors and beneficiaries to ensure that the fund can achieve its long-term financial objectives. 

For each bespoke service we offer, we provide value-added services that range from periodic financial training for employees and the Trust Board, to free financial advisory services. 

Overall, GCL Fund Management provides a comprehensive, diversified, risk-conscious and client-focused approach to investment management.

Housing Finance Solutions

GCB Capital is spearheading innovative housing finance solutions, aimed at facilitating affordable home ownership. Our flagship channels in this model are:

GCB Real Estate Trust (GCB REIT): An open-ended strategic investment scheme designed and to provide opportunity for safe, indirect real estate exposure for investors. It also facilitates the provision of decent, affordable residential accommodation for tenants and buyers.

GCB REIT was incorporated by GCB Capital in partnership with the National Housing and Mortgage Fund, and is managed by GCB Capital.

Habitat & Shelter Ltd: A wholly-owned subsidiary of GCB Capital to facilitate the development of affordable housing estates by accessing construction finance at concessionary rates from a Government-sponsored finance scheme.


We provide thorough research coverage reports across a wide range of economic and financial market products and sectors, utilizing the knowledge of leading experts to deliver comprehensive insights to our clients to make informed decisions.

We explain the insights behind the facts and figures and simplify complex market information to empower you to stay ahead of the pack. We understand that investment and capital needs differ – between individuals and organizations – so we tailor our cutting-edge research, industry-leading analysis, and competent investment advice to each client’s unique needs. 

At GCB Capital, we deploy our rich expertise in macroeconomics, financial markets asset classes, industry coverage, and company strategy to produce timely and bankable insights to give you a unique advantage. 

Our research expertise covers a wide range of critical areas, including:

  • Fixed income securities and strategy across Ghana and selected Sub-Sahara Africa (SSA) markets
  • Macroeconomic research across Ghana and selected SSA economies  
  • Strategic research and business intelligence 
  • Industry and sector-specific issues
  • Commodities market 
  • Equities market.